The Team



Meet Laura, our incredible Accounts Manager at FBP!

Joining us in 2017 after we acquired the company from Jersey, Laura has been an essential part of our team ever since.

As the Accounts Manager, she keeps our financial records in perfect harmony, ensuring everything is in balance.

When it comes to flowers, Laura's go-to choice is the enchanting Peruvian Lilies (Alstroemeria). She loves the flexibility of ordering 10, 15, or 20 stems, depending on her budget.

However, her latest obsession is the stunning new addition, 'Eclipse.' Laura hopes it becomes a permanent fixture on our site because it's just that captivating!


What Laura cherishes most about FBP is the unwavering positivity and dedication of our incredible team. Together, we create magic!

Outside of work, Laura's passion for cooking and music intertwines seamlessly. She can spend hours in the kitchen, lost in the rhythm and beats. Luckily, her amazing neighbors share her taste in music and don't mind the occasional volume spike.

Recently, Laura discovered her newfound love for Pilates and joined a Rock Choir. These uplifting activities bring joy to her life and keep her spirits high.

Laura is a vibrant soul that adds warmth and energy to our team. Say hello to her and let her know your favourite flower or song!



Meet Stephanie, our incredible Customer Care and Administration Manager here at Flowers by Post! With a wealth of experience and a passion for delivering exceptional service, Stephanie has been an integral part of our team since December 2018.

Stephanie's favourite flower bouquet is our enchanting Mixed Peruvian Lilies, known for their vibrant colours and delicate beauty. But it's not just the flowers that make her smile; it's the heartfelt phone calls and emails we receive from satisfied senders and recipients. Stephanie takes great pride in ensuring that every customer receives the highest quality of service and the freshest, most stunning flowers.


When Stephanie isn't busy making sure our customers are delighted, you'll often find her spending quality time with her family. Her adorable daughter keeps her on her toes with exciting adventures and long walks in the park.



Say hello to Nav, a valued member of our Flowers By Post family since 2019. As our dedicated Customer Care & Administration Assistant, she plays a vital role in ensuring that your experience with us is nothing short of exceptional.

Nav's primary focus is to provide you with outstanding customer service, making your journey with Flowers By Post a delightful and memorable one. From answering your queries to assisting with your orders, Nav's warm and friendly approach will leave you with a smile.

When it comes to flowers, Nav's heart blooms with love for Peruvian Lilies. Their timeless beauty and enchanting allure never fail to captivate her. Additionally, she has a soft spot for our Mixed Roses with Gyp bouquets, admiring the exquisite combination of vibrant and soft-coloured roses that exude elegance and charm.


Beyond her passion for floral delights, Nav is committed to leading a healthy and active lifestyle. You'll often find her hitting an impressive 20,000 steps daily, ensuring she stays energized and focused. On weekends, Nav cherishes spending precious moments with her loving husband and two wonderful daughters. While she enjoys leisurely walks, her family's love for cycling adds an extra sprinkle of fun to their quality time together.

We take great pride in having Nav on board, brightening your day and delivering floral happiness straight to your doorstep.



We're thrilled to introduce you to one of our dedicated team members who has been brightening up the Flower's By Post family since November 2021. Say hello to Jaz, our esteemed Customer Service Adviser, whose passion for helping our customers and love for blossoms truly define her presence at FBP.

Jaz has an eye for beauty, and her favourite pick from our collection is the elegant Electric Blue Orchids. She's also thrilled about the new addition 'Strawberries & Cream' bouquet. In her words, "I'm hoping this delightful bouquet becomes a permanent part of our offerings; it's been a hit with our customers!"


When you give us a ring, you might just be greeted by Jaz's warm voice. One of her greatest joys is taking calls from our valued customers. She cherishes the moments when callers exclaim, "Hi, is that Jaz?"

Beyond her commitment to FBP, Jaz loves to lead a wholesome life. She finds solace in walking to stay healthy and fit. Moreover, her heart shines when she spends quality time with her beloved grandchildren. From creative activities to playful adventures, Jaz makes every moment count. Additionally, her spiritual side is nourished by attending her place of worship at least once a week.

Jaz's vibrant personality, coupled with her dedication to both our customers and her personal well-being, makes her an invaluable part of the FBP team. We're truly fortunate to have her on board, spreading smiles and positivity every day.