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Our Jersey heritage

In 1968, our market stall managers, in Jersey's historic Central Market, came up with the pioneering idea of sending 'flowers by post'. This notion was born after dispatching bunches of carnations through the postal service following requests from holidaymakers who regularly visited the island and its market. The managers couldn't help but notice that many visitors wanted to mark their trip by taking home some of the beautiful fresh flowers they had seen in the market.

Our promise to you

  • Our flowers are carefully selected.
  • Our flowers are stored in the ideal environment to preserve quality.
  • Only prime quality flowers are selected for dispatch.
  • A sachet of flower food is included to help extend vase life.
Guaranteed Quality
  • Every bouquet of flowers is assembled by an expert florist.
  • Each bouquet is wrapped in a way that preserves its whole quality.
  • Our fitted box has been designed to protect the flowers.
  • We guarantee the freshness and presentation to the satisfaction of the recipient.
Affordable Price
  • We offer a variable range of affordable prices.
  • Our wish is that every recipient will get enjoyment from our floral bouquets and that our services reach the standard expected.
  • To further enhance our standard of service all deliveries are free.
Skill & Experience
  • We have almost 50 years' experience in the floral postal delivery market.
  • We have grown and adapted to the changing market always ensuring that our products and services are of the highest standard.
  • To fulfil our promise, we ensure our flowers are always handled by the most experienced, enthusiastic and skilled personnel.