Jersey Heritage

In 1968, our market stall managers, in Jersey's historic Central Market, came up with the pioneering idea of sending 'flowers by post'. This notion was born after dispatching bunches of carnations through the postal service following requests from holidaymakers who regularly visited the island and its market. The managers couldn't help but notice that many visitors wanted to mark their trip by taking home some of the beautiful fresh flowers they had seen in the market.

For many years, holidaymakers have flocked to the beautiful island of Jersey.

Despite covering just over 45 sq. miles, the island is packed with picturesque coastlines, popular attractions, and glorious scenery.

Whether visiting Gorey Harbour which sits in the shadow of Mont Urgeil Castle, or enjoying a spot of surfing on St Ouen's beach, there's plenty to keep you occupied on a break at Jersey.

For many visitors to the island, something that stands out are the flowers.

With flowing fields of vibrant colours, it's easy to fall in love with plants on a trip to the island.

But where could they get their hands on some?

Well, in Jersey's historic Central Market, fresh carnations and freesias were regularly picked up by tourists, and this was the beginning of the story.

Where it All Began

The year was 1968 and Jersey was thriving from an influx of tourists that had grown since the end of World War 2.

In the middle of the Central Market was Jersey Flowers, a stall that would go on to become

The popularity of the flowers that were sold (mostly carnations and freesias) began to grow and grow as more and more people loved the vibrant colours and fragrant smells that emanated from the fresh flower stall.

More and more visitors wanted to send these flowers home, so the pioneering idea of sending flowers by post began.

It was an immediate success as tourists began to take advantage of the service, sending fresh Jersey flowers to family and friends back at home.

In flower terms, the seeds of our business were beginning to bloom, and as the years went by, they only grew bigger and bigger.

Moving Online

At the beginning of the 1990s, the first website was created.

As the years went by, this new phenomenon really started to take off, and more and more people were heading online.

For traders such as the team at Jersey Flowers, this was an opportunity that couldn't be missed, and so the first incarnation of was created.

But what would this market stall look like online?

Well, it would still contain the beautiful fresh flowers that we were famous for but would come packed with other features.

Customers could now pick a date of preference, such as a birthday or anniversary, and get the flowers delivered on that day.

It also allowed us to really expand the business, and that's just what we did.

A Growing Business

With the internet, our audience spread from the happy punters wandering through the Central Market, to the whole of the United Kingdom.

With more customers and more business, we could grow. This involved taking on more and more different ranges of flowers.

Roses, orchids and lilies all became flowers we could offer our customers.

But we never forgot our Jersey roots, and the carnations and freesias that had been so popular in the 1960s were still our customer's favourite choices, and still are to this day.

Not only the flowers, but how they were delivered changed.

We could now offer bouquets that were carefully crafted into gorgeous patterns and bursts of colours that were sure to delight whoever was at the other side of the door as they were delivered. was born, but that doesn't mean we were finished with the stall where it all began.

The Modern Day

As our website continues to ship flowers all across the country, the stall is still placed in the Central Market where it has been since the 60s.

We maintain a strong partnership with the stall, which is now operated under the management of a former employee.

Still taking orders and still as popular as ever, we are always in close contact with the stall and love checking in on their progress.

Showing no signs of slowing down as a popular holiday destination, holidaymakers continue to be dazzled by the gorgeous fresh flowers on sale.

As the website goes from strength to strength, with more flowers, collections, and designs, as does the stall, and we are proud of our roots and the story of how we got to where we are today.

The Importance of our Jersey Heritage

So, why is Jersey so important to us?

Well, it's more than just the place it all began, but it's also an island that has a real connection to flowers and nature.

Jersey is an island of flower-lovers.

They love them so much that they hold a two-day festival every year to celebrate them.

The Battle of Flowers consists of huge floats constructed and decorated with thousands of flowers.

Every year, lots of floats are shown to a huge crowd, and with some ingenious designs on display throughout the two-day festival, the popularity of the event is easy to understand.

If you're planning on heading to Jersey on a holiday, make sure to stop by the Jersey Flowers stall in Central Market.

Whether just to say hi, or to send some delightful flowers to your loved ones back at home, you're sure to find something you love.

And if you're not planning on a trip to the island soon, check out our website.

Flowers by Post

Since 1968, we have provided fresh flowers and we don't plan on stopping any time soon.

With free UK delivery and a wide range of flowers and bouquets to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect gift for a loved one.

Why not take a look today and find the perfect present to say happy birthday, I love you, or simply say thanks.

For more information on what we can offer, or to discuss our Jersey Heritage, get in touch today.

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