I've used your service for a number of years and recipients have always been delighted with their flowers and they have lasted weeks. Very good value for money. - Mrs S Bush

The Show Bench

sowing seeds>>>>

growing on>>>>

Two weeks before the show and after a very cool spell of weather the blooms are beginning to proliferate.
Quite a lot of 3-headers and a bit of bud drop but later shoots are showing mostly 4-headers so here's hoping for a decent spell of weather for the next few days.
Looking Good.
Encouraging picks just a few days before the show. Hope the weather holds.
What are the judges looking for?
3-5 (preferably 4) large, fresh,-looking, well-formed blooms on strong straight stems.
Colours true to type.
Neatly displayed in the vase.
Hopefully little or no weather damage.

The week leading up to the show brought cold north easterly winds force 5/6 for 4 days non-stop followed by torrential thunderstorms.
Fortunately I started picking a couple of days before the rain and finished on the morning of the show.
After all the tension the flowers are finally loaded ready for transporting to the show area.
ready to go
Very lucky with the weather to get such a pleasing display.
6 vases, 6 different varieties, 6 flowers in each vase.
Let's see what the judges make of them.
6 of the best
This is a display vase made up with all the blooms which were rejected when selecting for the main display.
A bit of weather damage but overall a lovely display.
Hmmmm ... not badcups