Always plenty of choice whether by colour type or price & I always get a very good comments from the recipients - Mrs V Flodin

Customer Satisfaction Survey Report (current and on-going)

Brackets indicate the number of customer replies since the survey was started in the Summer of 2013. All customers who place an order are asked to reply (many choose not to do so) and all replies are used to compile the results; none are edited out. Customer comments (not included here) have helped us to improve our service.

Service Survey (11948 submitted)

Choice of Products (11948 submitted)

Very Good 77%
Good 22%
Average 1%
Poor 0%

Website Usability (11948 submitted)

Very Good 72%
Good 23%
Average 4%
Poor 1%

Satisfaction Survey (3500 submitted)

Was your order delivered within the specified time? (3500 submitted)

Yes 97%
No 3%

Did the product match your expectations? (3500 submitted)

Yes 95%
No 5%

Overall Satisfaction (3500 submitted)

Very Satisfied 89%
Quite Satisfied 7%
Not Satisfied 4%