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Flowers By Post Ethical Trading

At Flowers By Post we ensure that we look after our environment and support our suppliers by sourcing from accredited growers.

Whilst we try to source as many flowers as we can locally, this is not always possible. When we have to source overseas we ensure that all our growers are treating their staff fairly, and are growing according to best environmental practice with minimal chemical use.

Our flower supplier accreditations include:

Florverde®: Social responsibility and environmental commitment.

Florverde implementation ensures compliance with strict international social and environmental standards from planting through to post-harvest transport.
The Florverde standard demonstrates a commitment to improve workers' quality of life and companies do not employ anyone below 18 years of age.
Florverde farms use sustainable resources, Integrated Pest Management, and encourages biodiversity planting on the farms.

B.O.P.P. British Ornamental Plant Producers' Certification Scheme.

The Scheme sets high standards of professionalism in the way in which certificated businesses operate.  Evaluation by a United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) accredited Certification Body ensures that these standards are maintained. The ultimate objective is to ensure that we can have complete confidence in both product and service when dealing with our BOPP Certificated suppliers.


The Kenya Flower Council Code of Practice

The Kenya Flower Council is a private voluntary association of independent growers and exporters of cut-flowers and ornamentals. KFC was formed to foster the responsible and safe production of cut flowers in Kenya while protecting the natural environment and promoting the welfare of all farm staff.

This includes adherence to Global G.A.P. (the Global Partnership for Good Agricultural Practice)


Responsible Packhouse Practices

Flowers By Post operates a strict environmental policy:


All our waste card and paper is sent to a recycling plant.

All biodegradable material is composted for use in landscaping schemes.

All lights, heating and computers are turned off at night to conserve electricity.



Our Recyclable Packaging

We don’t send our flowers in a one-size-fits-all box but use different size boxes which have been specially designed for our bouquets to ensure your flowers fit snugly and are secure during transit. Our strong cardboard boxes are also made with 100% recyclable materials which can then be reused or recycled.